The Constant Struggle With Mother Nature

Golf courses require year-round care. You can’t take any weeks off and you must be constantly feeding the course and nurturing it, especially during the hot summers of Central Texas.

Ridgewood Country Club features rolling hills, large deciduous trees and provides spectacular views of Lake Waco. The primarily elevated greens are planted to A1A4 bent grass and have consistently been considered among the best in the state. The rest of the course is comprised of hybrid bermuda grass tees and fairways and a combination of hybrid and common bermuda grass rough.

Being adjacent to Lake Waco comes with its difficultiesIMG_9223 (1) at times however and most recently in 2016, when the lake flooded parts of the golf course. In April, the lake got up to 478 feet and submerged the green on No. 1. The lake had actually come up and covered the green which looks out over the lake and stayed that way for 21 days and the grass grew to a height of two inches. Typically Ridgwood CC keeps their greens around 1/8 of an inch, so two was a dramatic difference.

The combination of high lake level and strong north winds caused major damage to the cart path behind 15 green and the retaining wall around 16 tee. The path has been redone and the wall stabilized for future use.

IMG_9387Along with the actual damage to the course, there was a substantial amount of debris that flooded the course and needed to be cleaned up. They began burning the natural debris that was on the course and soon had things back to normal. For now.

Another wave of flooding hit the course in June of 2016 and the lake reached its third highest flood stage in history at 484.5 feet, which is 22.5 feet above normal. The green on No. 1 submerged again and was joined by No. 16 green this time. Holes 1, 14, 15, 16 and 17 were closed for repairs for the month. The path and retaining wall behind 15 green needed further repairs as well as bunkers throughout the course.


The course has risen from the flooding the lake is back to a normal level. Ridgewood Country Club is in sensational shape for the upcoming Collegiate Preview and the Legends Junior Tour would like to thank Superintendant Travis Moore and his staff for their wonderful jobs in sustaining the crazy central Texas weather.

Moving forward, the club is going through some flooding solutions so that the course can withstand the craziness of Lake Waco in the future.

If you would like to read more about the maintenance staff and what they’re doing at Ridgewood Country Club, check out their blog and see everything that goes into golf course maintenance and preparation.

As for my favorite five, here are my favorite golf courses to play in Texas.

  1. Brook Hollow Country Club
  2. Austin Country Club
  3. Spanish Oaks Golf Club
  4. Lakewood Country Club
  5. Dallas Athletic Club – Blue Course

Kevin Porter
LJT Tournament Manager




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